Sync-Mor Progress Update, 12/5/2023

Sync-Mor Putting Assistant Progress Update - December 5, 2023

Dear Sync-Mor Community,

As we approach the end of the year, we're thrilled to share the latest advancements in the development of the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring this innovative product to life, and we're excited to update you on our progress.


Key Milestones Achieved:

1. Final Design Settled: After extensive research and development, we have finalized the design of the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant. This design not only meets our high standards for functionality but also embodies the aesthetic appeal that our customers expect.

2. Optimized 3D Printing Configuration: Leveraging our expertise in 3D printing, we've optimized the printing configuration for the final design, ensuring durability, precision, and quality in every unit.

3. 'Javelin' Tees Perfected: Our unique 'Javelin' tees, known for their innovative design, have been finalized and are now optimized for 3D printing, offering an unmatched experience on the golf course.

4. Ball Marker Design Finalized: The design for our ball markers has been locked in and optimized for 3D printing, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and style. Each ball maker can be ordered with the initial of your choosing.

5. Foam Insert Laser Cutting Profiles: We've finalized the laser cutting profiles for the foam inserts, ensuring a snug and secure fit for all components within the packaging.

6. Packaging Decided: The packaging for the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant has been carefully chosen to reflect the quality of the product and ensure safe delivery to our customers.

Remaining Tasks:

1. Lens Gluing Method: We are exploring the best method to glue the lens in place. Current trials include cyanoacrylate, acrylic glue, and clear UV resin. We're committed to finding the most effective and durable solution.

2. How-To Insert Card and Online Video: We're in the process of creating an easy-to-understand How-To insert card and an accompanying online instructional video to enhance the user experience.

3. Metal Box Label Creation: The design of the label for the back of the metal box is underway, ensuring that every detail of the product aligns with our high standards.

With these final steps, we are on the cusp of beginning shipments. We appreciate your patience and support as we finalize these crucial elements.


Stay updated and be the first to know when the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant is available for order. Your journey to a better golf game is just a click away!

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We're excited to bring the Sync-Mor Putting Assistant into your golfing life very soon!

Warm regards,

The Spectra3D Team

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