Sync-More Progress Update 10/27/2023

Sync-Mor Prototype V61

We're back with another exciting update on the Sync-More Putting Assistant. Our relentless pursuit of perfection has led to key revisions in the prototype, optimizing it for 3D printing and enhancing the user experience. We're also thrilled to unveil details about the product's packaging.

Key Revisions

  • Optimized 3D Printing: The body has been redesigned with a slightly angled face and a larger divot tool base, making resin printing easier and more consistent.
  • Pendulum Update: The pendulum has been resized for easier reading, featuring a slightly larger body and a thinner pointer.
  • Storage Container: After much deliberation, we've decided to present the final product in a sleek metal tin. The metal tin will not only house the Sync-More Putting Assistant but will also include a ball marker and a set of tees, adding value to the overall package.

Next Steps

  1. Finalize Design: Incorporate the latest revisions into the final design.
  2. Quality Assurance: Conduct a series of tests to ensure the product meets our high standards.
  3. Instruction Manual: Create an intuitive and user-friendly guide.
  4. First Shipment: Prepare for the initial round of shipments.

Strategic Outlook

As we inch closer to the production phase, we're applying the principles of Lean Startup to ensure that we're not just building a product but an entire experience. The recent revisions are not mere changes; they're strategic moves aimed at a better user experience.

Final Thoughts

We're building more than a putting assistant; we're building a brand. Our focus remains on delivering a product that is as functional as it is beautiful, ensuring that every detail, down to the packaging, resonates with our commitment to excellence. Thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm for this groundbreaking project.

Best regards,

The Sync-More Team

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